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Coaching services

Evidence-based coaching services are customised for individual needs taking a clear, solution-based approach to work personal and professional growth. Presented services follow the RSCF concept and are provided by RS Coaching Ltd.

Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and workshops blend research to practise providing timely cases and actionable knowledge on the chosen subjects

Personal coaching

One-on-one coaching turns knowledge into strategic advantage for leadership skills and performance enhancement


Provided courses bring forth the principles of rational coaching from theory to practice. The courses are built to support performers’ development in high-pressure environments emphasising preparation and tools to encounter setbacks.

The courses are implemented in small groups, underlining self-work to strengthen individual evaluation and solution generation in all conditions. 

Contact for details on course lengths and pricing. Courses can be implemented both in person and long distance.

Lectures & Workshops

Single lectures and workshops approach timely and relevant subjects through the notion of rational coaching. Lectures and workshops are dedicated to provide theoretical and practical understanding on the chosen subject.

Examples for lecture subjects are: 

  • Introductory lectures on the RSCF principles
  • Understand the GABC of performance
  • The rise and fall of irrationality in performance climates
  • Physiological responses in challenge and threat states

Small groups are preferred to support self-work and individual tasks encouraging solution generation. Pricing according to group size and chosen subject, starting at 1000 euros per lecture or workshop for small groups (approx. 10 – 20 participants).

Contact for a listing on provided subjects or request an offer to a personal inquiry. Workshops and lectures can be held in person (on company premises) or long-distance in Finnish or English. 

One-on-one coaching

Personal coaching builds readiness to confront setbacks, utilise strengths and optimise capability to assess and generate solutions in pressurised circumstances. 

One-on-one coaching follows an individual coaching plan built personally for each client. The coaching plan is constructed to serve a point of focus or long-term goal (e.g. tackle performance related anxiety) through goal assessment, challenge evaluation and personal tasks enhancing the capability to generate solutions under pressure. 

The exact content of each coaching plan and sessions are discussed and chosen with the client. Each coaching plan has a minimum duration of two months. Those interested in personal coaching are encouraged to contact for a free consultation (30 minutes) evaluating how provided coaching can best serve their case.

What we offer

Monstroid2 has a strong Support team of devoted people! They are alwys on guard of your queries. You can contact us 24/7 and tell us about any issue you faced. We’ll resolve any problem and provide you with the right solution!

Monstroid’s second Generation.
Meet this new generation of extremely popular flagship theme! Monstroid2 proved its strong sides and keeps developing!
Monstroid’s second Generation.
Meet this new generation of extremely popular flagship theme! Monstroid2 proved its strong sides and keeps developing!

Strengthen performance by weakening stressors...

For leaders or executives one-on-one coaching dedicates driving performance while learning to protect and enhance the wellbeing of those managed. Coaching offers practical tools, guidance and support to deal with setbacks as the norm while fortifying professional advancement.

For performers coaching evaluates held beliefs on performance areas and how this relationship affects physical and cognitive functioning when pressure rises. Coaching dedicates to upgrade performance and wellbeing by weakening stressors related. 

Personal coaching is provided through long-distance video connection in Finnish or English.

Standard performance coaching

2 x 70 minutes of personal coaching per month.

160 /month
Personal coaching
Goal assessment
Challenge evaluation
Personal tasks
Pressurised solution generation

Intense performance coaching

4 x 70 minutes of personal coaching per month.

290 /month
Personal coaching